First, Do No Harm
The Midnight Special
Scamming the Birdman
The Music Box Murders
The Enchanted Ear
The View from the Vue

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It is the turn of the 20th century and all 15 year old Brun Campbell wants to do is to learn how to play ragtime.  In order to do that, he'll have to leave Oklahoma behind and travel to Sedalia, track down the man who would soon be known as the King of Ragtime, Scott Joplin.  Brun finds himself holding the clues that would clear a friend from murder charges...and would point the finger of blame squarely at himself and Joplin.


This historical mystery from Larry Karp is the first book of the Ragtime Historical Mystery Trilogy and was released by Poisoned Pen Press on November 4, 2006.


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What Others Are Saying...

"Larry Karp found a worthy, though neglected segment of American music history to set a cleverly devised story of fact and fiction. By filling some of the undocumented gaps with a plausible tale, he retells the early history of ragtime, with its undercurrent of racism and business dealings. Along the way he provides deserving recognition for several creators of the art form, aside from Scott Joplin and 'The Ragtime Kid,' Brun Campbell."

David Reffkin, Director of The American Ragtime Ensemble; Producer and Host of "The Ragtime Machine" on KUSF-FM, San Francisco


"...anybody who thinks that genre fiction is too lowbrow ought to read this.  The Ragtime Kid is surely more a mainstream book, and one which is going to not only appeal to a large number of people, but has the ability to stay in the mind long after.  Very highly recommended."

Rachel Hyde, review


"As historical mysteries go, THE RAGTIME KID is one of the better ones. The author doesn't only write a good who done it, he shows the readers how the plight of the black man had changed very little since Emancipation back three decades earlier."

Harriet Klausner, Harriet Klausner Reviews


"Racism is a huge part of the story, and Karp weaves the theme thoroughly and convincingly into his depiction of the music business and of Sedalia society at the time."

Booklist, August 2006


"With an appealing protagonist, Karp unfolds a fascinating story of a particular moment in history when Scott Joplin was transforming ragtime.  ...the story builds to an exciting conclusion.  Karp captures the inherent racism of the times to give the story depth.  The Civil War is still a reality in the lives of those who fought in it by the turn of the century.  Karp recreates the time vividly for the reader.  The characters are complex and appealing.  Brun and America are changing at the same time.  Both are growing up and both are filled with potential.  Rating:  A"

Sally Sugarman, Deadly Pleasures Magazine (Summer 2006) 


"Karp (First, Do No Harm) does a wonderful job of depicting a town steeped in music history and in portraying Joplin..."

Publisher's Weekly October 2 2006 


"The storytelling is particularly adept. Young Brun's experiences and the life and events in Sedalia are so rich a story in themselves that at first the mystery aspect seems just one small thread among many. Only gradually does it seep into the fabric of the tale, overtaking everybody's preoccupations and shouldering itself to the centre of things in the way that disasters insist on doing. RAGTIME KID is very well done."

Diana Sandberg,  June 2006


"This author is a master story teller and, once again, he has created a great story and mystery for his readers to enjoy. As Larry Karp's fans have come to expect, the unique and compelling story line, along with a cast of extraordinary characters, capture the reader's interest and attention from start to finish, and beyond. Warning: Do not be surprised if you come down with a case of ragtime fever and find yourself seeking out recordings of Scott Joplin, Jelly Roll Morton, et al or sitting down at the piano to plunk out your own rendition of "Maple Leaf Rag."

Gretchen Geib, Mysterious Galaxy Guest Reviewer  Fall 2006



Read the full reviews of "The Ragtime Kid" by Larry Karp.




Author:  Larry Karp
Hardback: 353 pages

Publication date: 11/4/2006

ISBN-10: 1-59058-326-4
ISBN-13: 978-1-59058-326-5

currently out of print


Trade Paperback:  353 pages  

     Publication date: 10/1/2008

     ISBN-10: 1-59058-528-3
     ISBN-13: 978-1-59058-528-3


Large Type Trade Paperback: 368 pages 

Publication date: 11/4/2006

ISBN-10: 1-59058-327-2
ISBN-13: 978-1-59058-327-2


Kindle e-book:  596 pages

Publication date: 12/18/2009
ISBN: 978-1-61595-108-6


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